Senior Digital Sales Specialist, Grundfos

Alin Ene

Alin Ene is the Senior Digital Sales Specialist of Grundfos group. He has been delivering business acumen which has been acquired in 12 years of work in international organizations and his current work includes integrated water management & implementation of the Digital Strategy for Water Utility Segment. Alin is a stakeholder of the Grundfos Digital transformation processes and ambassador of the Digital services these years in his career. In the past he has been co-founder and CEO of Quico and Project Manager of Parexel International.


Ειρήνη Λιβανού, T: 210 6617777  (εσωτ. 119), Ε:  [email protected]

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Κατερίνα Δρόσου, Τ: 210 6617777  (εσωτ. 261), Ε: [email protected]


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